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Software Training
Software Training

Software Training

These courses are aimed at practicing learners who wish to learn more about how to apply education Software and Method Techniques in the most effective research and class teaching. The course material will consist of step by step from basic to advance projects and the learner will be trained on how to solve these problems in a well-defined professional way of approach. Augmented Reality (AR) is also we have course for adapt with other project.

Education Inovation
Education Inovation

iMOS / Augmented Reality

Hardware is used to capture the lecturer's voice along with the video of the lecturer and presentation. iMOS have many unique feathers: Mobile able case, 2TB Hard disk inside, RAM 16 GB. Memory, CPU Intel processor core i7, automatics update version firmware software, Easy control with touch screen, real-time tracking VIDEO with 15” monitor, Media Server Upload System, authorized accessing etc. Augmented Reality (AR) is also we have books, start with basic information tile adapt with other project.

Military Innovation
Military Innovation

Drone / Military Support

Our Drone system that we developed Sky Shadow and Bird NOK (Small Drones/ UAV mission range 10km.) our product features are stealth mode, Load/Drop arm, HD real time Camera, Loudspeaker, Laser Pointer, Auto Pilot-landing-Takeoff, Fast up and down stable, Auto tracking antenna ,and Mobile Ground Control Unit. We designed and developed the drones system for spy mission of military and security foundation. Our drone systems are Lower noise of flying and landing, harder for detection with eye and radar.


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